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Knots / AnnoGALLERY 06
20. November - 31. December 2008

With the joined exhibition of ceramic Peter Smik on the 20. November 2008 began the pre-Christian cycle in Annogallery06.

Peter Smik Peter Smik

(Exhibition of ceramic reliefs named ‘Knots’)

The exhibition ‘Knots ’consists of ceramic reliefs through which the author through symbolism of different knots, for example the weaving knot, fisherman’s knot or timber knot, unties human relationships. The origin of each relationship arises as a free knot of words, which through their mutual knotting create ropes. Some knots, just like the human relationship, are loose, others are tied strongly. This ceramic relief is a mosaic of individual parts, of which the building material is chamotte stoneware and a combination of pigments and glaze. The knots are the bearing element of the relief; they connect the parts together into the whole structure. The author in his own original style puts tin and metal aluminium sheet into the relief, so that the ceramic relief appears in its entire composition united.

The motive of knots radiates a certain mystery. Creative mastery pleases, but forces us to think at the same time.

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